Residential Home Protection Plans

Your home is your asset and with serious pest infestation will affect the property value. We do not only control pests which are already infested your house but also provide a preventive program that will ensure your home is protected for all year around. Our home protection programs will ensure your home enjoyment during spring, summer, autumn and winter.


(From March to May – Exterior Perimeter Spray)This is the time of the year when the common insects/ pests with new vigor are first trying to get entry to your house for their food and shelter. These include cockroaches, bees, wasps, ants, rodents and many others. For continuous protection of your house we will establish a barrier along the exterior perimeter of by spraying chemicals in the beginning of the season, so that, the crawling insects/pests cannot get their way to your house.


(From June to August – Interior Inspection/Treatment if needed)Although during this season of hot temperature most of the insects/pests like to stay outside, but the flying insects/pests, wasps, bees, hornets and rodents will try to make their nests within or around your house and also will try to steal your foods and destroy your property to make their way to your home. We will take all the initiatives and arrangements by placing necessary traps/techniques to protect you from them.

Autumn (Fall):

(From September to November – Exterior Perimeter Spray)In this season the temperature starting to fall. So, most of the insects/pests aggressively will try to break the barrier and get their way to your house for their food and shelter. Again, it’s the time to protect you as well as your property from the exterior insects/pests and to keep you safe. We will arrange an exterior perimeter spray to protect your home and to keep you and your family safe.


(From December to February – Interior Inspection/Treatment)During this colder season all the insects/pests are living inside your house whoever have got a chance to get entry. It is our duty to arrange an inspection in the interior perimeter, crack, crevices and the corners of your house to check for the hiding insects/pests. We will take necessary steps for treatment if we find any activities of the insects/pests.

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