Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are generally omnivorous and mostly active at night. The main attractions for a cockroach include food, water and space to hide. They feed on a great variety of foodstuffs including leather, starch in book bindings, paper, glue, skin, flakes, hair, dead insects and soiled clothing.

They can be found in every part of the home, but most common are behind stoves and fridges, under sinks and counters.  Cockroaches prefers damp environment. Since most cockroaches are active at night, many people may be completely unaware of their presence in their home. Cockroaches spread diseases, contaminate food with their excrements –  harm the reputation of a business.  They have been known to carry Salmonella bacteria – the organism responsible for food poisoning.


Cockroach can also be a factor to respiratory health related issues, such as asthma, Nasal congestion, Skin rash etc. Some researchers believe that 23 to 60 percent of city dwellers with asthma are allergic to cockroaches, especially since kids play indoors more than they used to. If you suspect that your home or business has a cockroach problem, you need to take quick cockroach control treatment action.

Four types of cockroaches that are most often found in houses and in business are: German, Brown banded, American and Oriental. German cockroach is the most wide spread species of cockroach in the world. If introduced into a home or business, their population may grow rapidly under suitable condition, preferring a warm, moist environment. The adult female laid eggs in cases, protects the cases and drops those close to food 1-2 days before hatching. Yong cockroach called nymph develop within 17 days and about 6 weeks it develop into an adult. The nymph moults its skin 5 to 7 times before it reaches maturity. The life span of an adult is 125 to 150 days.


  • Fecal droppings (Finding cockroach feces is a sure sign of infestation)
  • Egg casings (Cockroaches produce egg casings, which actually holds multiple eggs inside it)
  • Odor (Large number of cockroaches smell oily and musky)
  • Dead cockroach (it is not uncommon to find a few dead ones in and around stove/fridge/sink/counter)
  • Live cockroaches seen during the day (in case of serious problem you may see them during the day)


Sanitation is one of the most important component of effective cockroach control for a long term period. Food and water source must be eliminated as much as possible. Residual insecticides, dust/gel and bait are necessary to control existing light populations and to prevent their recurrence. In case of heavy infestation it is necessary to follow Flush Out procedure to kill most cockroaches in the initial treatment. During follow up visit dust/gel chemicals can be used as needed to kill rest of them.


  • Residents should be out of the house for a minimum of four hours. All pets must be removed from premises for a minimum of four hours.
  • If fish tank can’t be removed, it should be covered with a plastic covering and sealed in such a way that no chemical can contaminate the water supply.
  • Empty out all cupboards, drawers and pantry areas.
  • All items that are moved from the kitchen cabinets are to be moved into a separate room and covered with plastic cloth.
  • Removed all items from the countertop and from top of the refrigerator.
  • Empty all bathroom cabinets.
  • Any areas you want sprayed must have all items removed.


This is normal, you may see cockroach activity for 5-7 days after the flush out is completed. All visible roaches will die with direct pesticide contact during flush out treatment. Hidden roaches in the cracks and crevices will come out later and walk over the residual chemical, ingest the poison and will die later. During follow up visit dust/gel baits are used to completely kill all remaining roaches.

Our licensed entomologist knows the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches. We use different formulation of chemical and non-chemical procedure to control cockroaches which are environmentally friendly and safe for you as well as for your pets. If you believe you have cockroach infestation within your home or business facility, Call us for a free consultation or have any question.

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