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Whether you are buying a house, condominium or business you could be buying more than what you are looking for. Inspection is necessary when you are buying a home or business, it is also important to have an inspection for pest infestations. Our home/business inspection service is designed to examine your entire premises and provide warnings on what might be a concern—especially the bed bug! Bed bugs have become a huge problem in condominiums and homes in the GTA

Bed bugs are tiny little parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood and that can be very difficult to get rid of. Their initial hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards and in walls and cracks. They may not be visible during normal home inspection.

Rodent in particular, the brown rat, the black rat, and the house mouse, are serious pests, eating and spoiling food stored by humans, and spreading diseases.

As cooler weather approaches, the house mouse prefers to seek shelter in home/buildings. Mice may be found anywhere from the basement to the attic. For nesting sites, they use the space between double walls, floor joists and concealed, enclosed spaces in cupboards or under counters.

Cockroach can be found in every part of the home, but most common are behind appliances, under sinks and counters.  They prefer damp environment. Since most cockroaches are active at night, many people may be completely unaware of their presence in the home. Cockroaches may be public health concern in restaurant or hospitals because they have been known to carry Salmonella bacteria – the organism responsible for food poisoning.

Our home/business pest inspection has been designed to protect you. The home inspection is intended to save you money in the future and you should include this in the terms of the condition of sale. We will provide cost of treatment as well as a prevention quote for all pests found in the premises.

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