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Most rodents are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails. Well-known rodents include mice and rats. They use their sharp incisors to gnaw food, excavate burrows, and defend themselves. Most eat seeds or other plant material. Rodents are pests because of the damage they cause to food and property. They can cause structural damage to homes, apartments, offices, and virtually any type of building through chewing, nest-building and defecation. Rodents can gnaw through electrical cables resulting in structural fires.

Some species, in particular, house mouse,  brown rat and black rat are serious pests, eating and spoiling food stored by human, and spread diseases.

Mice are very curious and stay within 30 feets of their nest. They can enter into house or business through a hole size of a dime. Mice can mate within month, so an infestation can grow quickly.

Rats are usually stay outdoors. They burrow and nest close to or inside houses and buildings. Rats prefer to stay within 450 feets of their nests.

As cooler weather approaches, the house mouse prefers to seek shelter in houses and buildings. Mice may be found anywhere from the basement to the attic. For nesting sites, they use the space between double walls, floor joists and concealed, enclosed spaces in cupboards or under counters.



  • Dropping (mice-round or spindle-shaped, black colour up to 8 mm size; rats- brown colour, capsule shaped, 25-30 mm size)
  • Urine contaminated food (produce up to 16 cc of urine)
  • Gnawing type marks on food packaging or structure of the house
  • Nest (use materials such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter to make their nests)


Successful rodent control depends on finding their pathways, entry points and harbourage areas. Our exterminators are well trained, experienced and have necessary tools to identify rodent activities. Trust Pest Control employs mice and rat extermination using three stages method.

  • Non toxic traps – which are placed in and around harbourage sites.
  • Rodent proofing – Sealing up most small (size of a dime) entry/exit points or holes that they use to enter into the house.
  • Poison Bait Station – Secured poison bait stations are placed in and around especially in house/business set up. These procedures allow longer period of rodent control rather than exterminating existing mice or rat population.

We have specialized treatment procedure to control mice & rat. Our expert exterminators know how to monitor and inspect rodent harbourage sites. Treatment technique involves both non-chemical and chemical procedure for long term prevention. If you have rodent problem, Call us for a free consultation or have any question.

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